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We believe in maintaining our leadership position by permanently developing and evolving in the industry. The transparency and experience of our specialists gave us credibility among our clients, who receive only the best specialized treatments. Our professional approach isn’t limited solely to service quality, but to business relations with GLATT affiliates as well, because we value ethical treatments and services, as well as the consistency of standards in all our clinics.

At GLATT MED SPA- TATTOO REMOVAL, we are aware of the fact that each person's requests are unique, just like the state of health and personality of each, so we offer a personalized approach for each client.

In order to permanently deliver quality services to our clients and colleagues, we aspire to constant personal evolution, so that we can offer the best, be seen as the best, and be the best.


Our mission is to offer a personalized, attentive experience to ensure that our clients reach their aesthetic goals and to make them look and feel fantastic about themselves, while placing patient safety, comfort, and satisfaction at the head of our priorities, to guarantee the best possible experience and aesthetic outcome. GLATT MED SPA will provide the most complete informations about the procedures, since we believe that an informed choice is the best one, therefore our relaxed, friendly atmosphere grants our clients the possibility to carefully consider their options so that they know their decision is the right one.


Driven by our vision of Changing Lives, GLATT MED SPA seeks to encourage self-transformation and self confidence, spread happiness and imbibe every individual with wellness for life, these being our company’s fundamental principles upon which it builds its story, since it was founded by L’Ortec Medical. Our goal is to deliver cutting-edge, effective, credible and customized medically researched aesthetic treatments with the highest quality of care, in a professional, ethical and service-orientated environment, where our highest priority is always our client’s best interests.