The most efficient laser equipments for tattoos removal are at GLATT MED SPA - TATTOO REMOVAL.

GLATT centers are some of the few centers from Romania that have the latest and most revolutionary generation of LASER for tattoo removal- Nd: YAG 1064 nm-KTP 532 nm with Quality Switch technology. This advanced laser equipment is able to safely remove any tattoo color and any kind of ink, previously considered impossible to remove, in fewer treatment sessions.

During a tattoo removal procedure, the light energy of the laser is applied directly to the tattooed skin surface. On the principle of selective photothermolysis, laser energy is selectively absorbed by tattoo pigment to achieve an optimal effect on this target tissue (tattoo pigment) and with a minimal and temporary effect on surrounding tissues (skin, hair). There is a rapid and micro-localized heating that causes fractionation of the tattoo pigment into very small and very fine particles. In the days and weeks following laser treatment, the body's immune system plays an important role because it is responsible for removing fragmented pigment particles through lymphatic drainage, resulting in the dimming of the tattoo color. During a series of treatments, the tattoo pigment is more and more broken into finer particles, then completely removed and the tattoo disappears altogether.

During treatment as a result of light energy emitted by the laser for pigment fragmentation, the sensation perceived by the patient in terms of pain is similar to that experienced in the tattooing procedure. It is important that the removal session is much shorter (a few minutes).

It is possible that fragmented pigment particles can perforate small blood vessels present in the dermis that sometimes cause light bleeds in the form of spots on the surface of the skin.


  • We are interested in feeling as comfortable as possible during treatment.
  • Therefore, the treatment is performed under the effect of a local anesthetic to make the discomfort during the procedure as low as possible


  • Your treatment sessions will be spaced at 6-8 weeks to allow for the removal of fragmented particles and local healing
  • In this regard, you will receive post-treatment skin care instructions


  • After each treatment session there may be some swelling and redness on the work area
  • During this time, if you have questions about the healing process, we provide online support and you can contact us for assistance.


  • Once the treatment sessions are complete, your tattoo will continue to fade.
  • Once the healing process is or appears complete, over a period of time agreed upon, we will evaluate the treated area and determine the next steps and whether additional sessions are required.
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