It does not matter why you decided to remove your tattoo: if you do not like it anymore or it no longer represent you, your future career is rigorously selective from this point of view, you regret an impulse moment from your youth, or you want that old past "passions" or "loves" to be eliminated, or do you simply want a reinterpretation of the existing tattoo, GLATT clinics offers you the most complex tattoo removal service from the country: by the LASER technology or chemical extraction.

The tattoos removing procedure through chemical solutions called chemical extraction or "e-rase" was developed in America 30 years ago by a biochemist professor and a famous toxicology professor.

Therefore, the tattoos removing procedure with chemical solution is based on a thoroughly specialty research and in-depth cases study.

The technique should not be confused with a local application over the skin surface of some products that can be found on the market for so-called removal of tattoos that are effectively incapable of removing the tattoo.

The procedure involves inserting the chemical solution into the skin's dermis using a special equipment for dermopigmentation or tattooing, to extract tattoo pigments  

The way the chemical solution acts is relatively simple to understand and works in accordance with the principle of similarity. It is important the operator to have a specialized training on chemical extraction procedure of tattoo removing so that the result of the treatment to be safe and as close to perfection.

Pigments used in semi-permanent makeup or for permanent tattoos are inert, soluble, deeply inserted into the skin, have a complex composition including metal oxides.

The chemical solution for removing tattoos also contains various oxides in a special formula (suspension) with physicochemical properties and proportions similar to those existing in tattoo pigments. Their similarity makes the chemical solution to assimilated the tattoo pigments, to mix eachother and to extract the tattoo pigments. The resulting mixture is then rejected by the body, being pushed to the outside of the skin, where it forms a crust.


The introduction of the chemical solution for the removal of tattoos deep into the skin is a similar process with that of making tattoos. It is done with a tattoo machine or pigmentation device and the sensation felt during the intervention is identical to that of creating a tattoo.

The session lasts about 30-60 minutes (depending on the size of the tattoo), the crust is formed right after the end of the procedure, it develops and begins to remove away alone after 7-14 days. After the crust falls completely, the healing process until the next session is 1-3 months for semi-permanent makeup and 3-6 months for body tattoos (interval between sessions).


  • It is important for us the patients to feel confident and comfortable, and so the specialist to work relaxed.
  • For this, the procedure is performed under the effect of an anesthetic applied locally to feel the pain at a lower level


  • The recommended periods for healing the treated area after each treatment session are 1-3 months for semi-permanent makeup and 3-6 months for body tattoos.
  • An important factor in the removal of tattoos is post-treatment care and clients receive clear care instructions.
  • The most important rule in care period is NOT to force removal of crust / peel and to avoid contact with water or other substances that could interfere with product efficiency.


  • In the healing stage, after falling crust, it is normal for the skin to remain slightly red and sensitive to the touch.
  • Whatever the sensation or reason, during this time, if you have questions about the healing process, we provide online support and you can contact us for assistance.


  • Once the treatment sessions are finished, your tattoo is totally removed or in a certain proportion removed and the treated area will continue to heal
  • After the healing process is or appears to be completed, over a period of time agreed upon by us, we will evaluate the treated area and determine which are the next recomanded steps.



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