Initial Consultation

GLATT MED SPA-TATTOO REMOVAL is a clinic specialized in tattoos removal by LASER technology or CHEMICAL EXTRACTION (non-laser procedure) and our treatments are performed according to a strict treatment protocol.

For each client, a preliminary discussion is required before starting the treatment with the tattoo removal specialist to analyze the tattoo to be removed. The tattoo analysis is complex and should relate to the type of tattoo, its age, the colors of the tattoo, will be determined the exact size of the tattoo and estimate the depth to which the pigment has been inserted and the ink type, is being evaluated  the area where the tattoo is located and other details about the history of the tattoo.

Since the success of tthe tattoo removal process also depends greatly on the body's ability to remove the fragmented tattoo pigment after laser treatment or body rejection of the chemical extraction mixture, the specialist will also ask questions about the state of patient's health.  In fact, this is able to recommend which of the two options offered by GLATT MED SPA- TATTOO REMOVAL is the best option for the client: laser removal or chemical extraction.

After establishing the tattoo removal procedure and the treatment plan, the next step is to perform the patch test.


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